Living an unparalleled lifestyle in luxurious apartment homes is a feeling that cannot be defined. Once you own a luxury apartment, you might also want to add a bit of your individual identity to it so that it complements the overall modern look.

Here are some tips on how to improve the look of your home:

    1. Paint & Shades

      Choose the colors for your surfaces that will compliment your home décor & furniture. Subtle shades, monochromatic colors, light textures on the paint are usually preferred for the living area. Whereas for drawing room or kids’ room you can take the levy of adding bright & fresh color palette.

    2. Display your Gallery

      All the artwork, inspirations, 3D artwork, & paintings can be displayed on a single wall in your living room that enriches the look of your room.

    3. Furniture Placement

      Make a pattern of your room to put the right furniture in the right place. The finishing piece of the furniture placement makes all the difference to make your home look marvelous.

    4. Concealed Cupboards

      More concealed cupboards allow you the fluidity in your living space and kitchen. It makes the design & interior blend seamlessly.

    5. Base it on Theme!

      Classic, Vintage, Retro, Designer, Minimalistic, or Innovative- whichever approach you love & suits your living, adapt that in your homes as well. All the elements in your home- furniture, color palette, & the décor will complement each other once you decide to make their selection based on a theme.

    6. More Greenery in House

      If you love having plants & garden in your house, choose a specific portion of your house that will match the overall look & placement of the rest of the elements in your home. Make sure the plants are somewhere they can breathe enough sunlight as well.

    With such beauty tips studded in every square foot of your luxury apartment it certainly provides you the warmth & homeliness that every habitant desires. It also increases the value of your house by giving it an expensive look. Likewise, in one of Pune’s most prestigious location- Kalyani Nagar is Verde Residences. It brings to you the most elegant luxury apartments in Pune. Where you will find the best of contemporary designs & outlooks for these apartments, but along with your personal touch, it becomes the definition of a Perfect Home!

    Every residence is a haven of exclusivity and brings to you the feeling of a ‘Home’ with stunning views, exquisite finishes, and modern-day amenities.

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