Home décor is such a compassionate affair. Picking the right pillows, placing the right furniture in the right corner, hanging an abstract piece on the right wall, laying out the mattress in exactly the center area, choosing between wooden or glass coffee tabletop, can also be a bit overwhelming at times with so much to do. Overwhelming not in a stressful way, but more in a fun way. Because decorating your home is so personal. The same goes for choosing curtains or drapes for your windows.

From all the activities in your home décor checklist, make your list a bit lighter by exploring the following tips on how to choose the right curtains for your home-

Interior Theme Based Colors– Pretty obvio!

Not a lot of people choose to go with something too opposite to the theme of a room while choosing curtains. If that’s you, don’t worry, all you have to do is jot down the colors you’ve used in the room, and pick one of them. Remember, if you try to distribute all the colors in the room, the color combination goes all haywire. So stick to the theme of your room. Generally, it is a good option to choose the color for a curtain that is used minimally in the room or either maximum in the room. In the latter case ensure the color doesn’t seem like too much for the room. Try to choose a soft color that’s easy on the eyes.

Styling & Embellishments- Make look good feature

While going all creative for curtain selection, also understand the style of draping also has an impact on the room. Go for an elegant curtain with a simple draping style in the bedroom for a soothing effect. For living rooms, you can choose bold curtains with artistic draping styles like heavy tiebacks. Keep in mind, curtains for glass doors also have to look good from the outside. Style of draping and tying goes a long way in doing that.

Measurements- Be precise

Needless to say, but your curtains mustn’t look too lengthy or too short. Mostly, you would find curtains cut out by default, but ensure you make the right pick or get the curtains of your choice customized for your window size. Add a few inches extra to the sides to block out the sunlight. In the case of low-ceilings, to make your space look bigger, choose floor-to-ceiling draperies. When you enter a room and look at the window side, the curtain coverall should look apt in size to give a good geometric effect to your room.

Fabric – Choose wisely

Material of the curtain plays an important role. Some fabrics are heavy and don’t allow sunlight to stream in, while some are lighter and let the light penetrate. Heavy or light, just remember, every different kind of fabric falls differently from elevation when pleated or drawn back. Some fabrics fade in color due to sunlight, which is why quality check is important. Also why it is recommended to have lighter colors for curtains as color and fabric go hand in hand. Another important aspect to consider is the washing of the curtain fabric, whether or not they are machine wash or better given for dry clean.

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