The time of mirth, joy and colours are blooming, as we move towards the arrival of spring. In a country like India, this is celebrated in every region to welcome the vibrant revival of nature’s bounty and the auspicious beginnings. This season is a time for growth, revival and technicolour changes that attune your lifestyle to reflect the season’s ardour.

Premium apartments in Pune are designed to canvas your spirit and uplift the ambience. Since everything is already changing, it’s a good time to spruce up your home with accessories that quickly reinvigorate the ambience.

  1. Pastel Pops

    A quick way to brighten up your house is by adding pops of pastel hues around your apartment. A couple of pastel chairs, some pop paintings, light fixtures and trinkets around your house can help you liven up neutral space and create the perfect spring balance.

  2. Wooden Fittings

    An apartment refurbished with some aesthetic wooden fittings and accessories can bring out the natural rustic charm inside your home. They provide a tender rawness that gives it a soft ambience.
    Some old photographs mounted on a wooden frame, homey posters and elegant wooden structures with shelves displayed around your home ought to be just perfect for a spring theme.

  3. Textured Pottery

    Ceramics and textured pottery are just what you require to add charm to your decor. Don’t be limited to a particular style. Explore the world of earthenware to spring-proof your premium apartments.

  4. Aromatic Candles

    Scent your home with a lingering aromatic fragrance that is a subtle reminder of spring. It cleanses the energy of the space and creates a peaceful and flourishing vibe and is soothing to your senses.

  5. Flowers

    Spring is incomplete without the natural flair of freshness that the technicolour flowers invite. Bougainvillaea is the perfect option for your outdoor and open spaces. Orchids and other fresh flowers can be casually tucked away at the corners of your living spaces, in the bathroom and mounted on walls to have a floral exhibit.

These are some ways to accessorize your Luxury Homes in Pune and other big cities that follow the apartment lifestyle. It is a good way to introduce the essence of spring and elevate your mood when you don’t have continuous access to a nature-bound surrounding! Incorporating other accessories like colourful pillows, bright and beautiful lamps and pastel throws around your apartment can give your apartment the perfect spring-bling makeover.