There are so many things to do in summer at luxury home, that can keep you busy or let you enjoy the summer days. This year, turn your summer procrastination to anticipation.

Indoor Staycation is for you when you often feel like experiencing a vacation at home. Movies have become the best pass time. A perfect date for getting a family unit together or setting up a romantic picnic indoors.

Home maintenance is something that’s on everybody mind during summer holidays. But motivating yourself for it is a hard thing. But think of it this way, pre-fall cleaning of a house is a must, and what better time than summer? If you do that now, you won’t have to worry about fixing electricals, cleaning rugs & carpets, or making your house spring ready. After all, the best time to let your clothes, bed sheets, rugs, or carpets soak in sun is the summer time. Do your home maintenance just before you welcome the next season. Take up one task at a time so you are also left with plenty of time in hand to enjoy your summer.

Pool Party
Fill up your pool because when else do you get to enjoy your pool the most? Pools just serve right for their purpose in summer days.

Best time for seedlings
Roses, marigold, bougainvillea, and many more flowers blossom the best in summer lights. Why just flowers, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, peppers, beans, greens, & berries also grow well in summer times. Prepare your house for some fresh greenery this summer. If you are thinking of growing your little plantation or vegetation at your house, this is the best time. Do it!

Make it a fun time for kids
Kids can have the best time even if you arrange a little play tea party for them at house. But imagine the number of fun things to do in the summer at home particularly when you own a luxury apartment. Arrange a theme based play date with them, build play tents, host a tea party, a fun & safe water balloon fight. Well these are only some options to get started with, be creative & go creative with your kids this summer.

Anytime is a good time to learn
Read more books, learn a new language, calligraphy, paint more, study more about your art, or just develop new cool hobbies. Learning is an art never ending.

End of summer scrap book
Capture the best moments, have an indoor photo shoot, & save these memories in a hand-made scrap book. You’ll definitely have a lifetime of nostalgia of fun & enjoyment captured in it.

Such are the fun & amusing things you can do in summer. Luxury homes give you the comfort of space & letting yourself go creatively haywire with the space. Such are also the properties & luxury apartments in Pune. Presenting Verde Residences- flats in Kalyani Nagar, Pune that prove to be the best house turned homes with your presence & lifetime of cheerful & content living.