“There’s no place like home”.
And there’s no place where you could find winning elegance in homes built by Luxury real estate developers such as ABIL Group, Clover Builder and Clover Reality. What’s the secret behind these stylish and prestigious looking homes? Align your most valuable asset with these ‘Luxurious Home Trends in Focus’:

Large open spaces

Don’t let the walls come in between your comfort zone and the kitchen. Open floor plans connecting the kitchen and the living room make for an ideal space for larger gatherings, bigger and brighter spaces. Add in more of your favorite furniture anywhere to your space. Let your home breathe!

Natural Light

There’s nothing that can beat the beauty of natural light sprawling across the interior of your home. Longer and larger windows invite more sunlight. They offer the expansive vistas of green landscape outside your home, thus enhancing your home’s elegance.

Bulbs and Lanterns

Different types of lighting, be it modern or contemporary style, add a unique touch to the interiors. Enhance the ambience of your space with one of the most popular lightings – the Pendant Lighting, which is suspended from a ceiling facing down – is typically used over dining tables or in Kitchens. From chandeliers to wall sconces, modern to contemporary, different lighting styles add the final touch to your space. Eco-Friendly lights do not only keep our mother Earth happy but are also energy efficient.

White Marble

Because of its versatility, marble has been the most preferred stone in homes around the world. The widely used marble is the Calacatta Marble which is a precious and rare marble originally from Italy. This elegant stone, with dramatic veining which creates elegant patterns, adds to the beauty of the furniture or even of a show piece.

Magnificent Ceilings

Add in some stylish ceilings and change the look and feel of your luxurious home. High ceilings add drama and elegance, making your space look more special. Various ceiling treatments, which could be as simple as exposed beams, woodwork or crown molding, make your space look more interesting and sophisticated.

Cool and Deep Colors, Patterns

Greys and blues speak luxury. These neutral shades, coordinated with bright and bold furniture, balance the overall ambience of the space. Navy blue is one of the most popular shades, which adds a depth to the space. Navy walls or rugs strike a perfect balance and add charm to any area.

Patterns define spaces. Mosaic, Hexagon, Chevron, Moroccan tile shapes, etc. can be used on walls as well as on floorings. These patterns can be used as a removable wallpaper or can directly be painted on the wall with the help of stencils.

Wood Floors

Wood flooring is the most common preference in homes. The delicacy of wood embodies a touch of elegance to the overall ambience of the space. Wood flooring comes in many different types, some of them being wood looking tiles, engineered vinyl plank flooring, etc. Dark Wood flooring, very similar to the shades of espresso, ebony or dark walnut, are some of the popular shades preferred by home owners. These shades not only add class, but also highlight the rich details of the space. ­

All these latest trends have transformed the traditional meaning of luxury. Now, luxury is not only reflected in pricey accessories and chic furniture. It is now thought upon from a basic perspective. If you are planning to buy a new luxury home, then make sure you keep the pointers mentioned above in check.