If you choose to live in a luxury haven in Pune then the first choice should be the projects by ABIL Group, Clover Builders, and Clover Realty. Verde Residences Collection is one of the most luxurious residential projects in Pune and enjoys the abundance of light and space. But, if you come across the problem of lack of space, then follow these brilliant guidelines to make your home look more spacious than it originally is.

Easy Flow

It is very important that when you roam across your home, there shouldn’t be any furniture in your way. In other words, the flow should be easy. Ensure that stack the furniture and other stuff away so that you don’t knock something in the path that takes you through the rooms. Another trick is to keep the entryway almost empty. You can hang simple art pieces on the wall to make it attractive without eating the space up.

Take Off Dramatic Window Coverings

One of the best tricks to make an apartment look bigger is to have large windows. The more the light, the bigger the space would look. But if you do not have large windows then you can take off the dramatic and bulky window coverings to create the illusion of space. If it is necessary to have curtains, then go for the light-coloured linen curtains and take off the dark and heavy ones. Let maximum light enter the home.

Lighter Tones

One thing that is the most important to make a home look bigger is using lighter tones. Paint the walls with light colours. Light and minimal colours would also exude a sense of positivity in your home. In the case of furniture, avoid the colours black, purple, brown, etc. Add light coloured furniture to your home and ensure that you keep the table tops empty. Do not add a lot of cushions as they would take up a lot of space.

Declutter and Balance

Cut down unnecessary furniture and accessories from the home. Store the essentials in cupboards away from eyes. If the eyes see clutter, the place would look smaller. Other than that, distribute the furniture evenly in all rooms. Do not overdo your home with furniture. Try creating a balance of furniture and art pieces so that the eyes do not wander straight to the stuffed-up space.

If you find these tips useful then let us know down below.