With the arrival of monsoon begins the search for captivating locations to help us live the most memorable moments. But finding a destination to travel is not as difficult as finding an accommodation where all your needs and whims are met. ABIL Group has made a great leap in the hospitality world and caters to the unique requirements of its guests. In any case, the travel trends of 2018 would help you soak your toes in immense comfort, and that too in style. After all, moments are to be lived and remembered. Follow these travel trends and know what should be expected out of your luxury stays. o


It can’t be denied that every moment gains an unrepeatable emotion when personalized. There are many luxury hotels which go a step further to meet the unique requirements of their guests. One example can be your favourite scented candles. Imagine entering your hotel room filled with your favourite fragrance. Some hotels also allow their guests to choose the colour and brand of their toiletries. This has become a great trend since it assures the guests a homely feeling while on a vacation.

Reading Rooms

Reading rooms, libraries and library butlers – paradise is right where your heart is. Choose a stay which caters to the inner bibliophile in you. Some hotels appoint a book butler who can curate a reading list according to the guests’ tastes. The reading rooms let people interact and find others with the same wavelength. Looking at this trend, some hotels have recreated the worlds of some famous writers. Now, this is called luxury!

Intuitive Dining

Your favourite food and a mesmerizing location – what else does one need? Considering the fact that exceptional dining experiences are of utmost importance, luxury hotels have taken a step beyond the ordinary in order to provide intuitive dining experiences to their guests. If you wish to have your breakfast in the pool, then stay assured, because you will be provided with a floating breakfast in the pool. Live life your desired size!

Nature and Rejuvenation

Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed with the need of technology that we forget that our body needs to shut down everything for a while and just relax. And this need of the guests helped luxury hotels to come up with the concept of private spa and sauna services amidst the beauty of nature. A deep tissue massage within the envelope of nature is always better than anything one can think of.

These amazing trends have certainly stolen many hearts and are still going strong. Customized vacations have easily become the heartbeat of the hospitality businesses, and rightfully so!

Share your experiences with us and let us know what more would you expect on your next trip out.