We tend to plan and plot for the future with optimism, aiming to embrace all future endeavors, with open arms.

However, the year 2020 had some other plans.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a massive curveball that has halted the normalcy of lives worldwide, leaving us in the shadows of the unknown.

The big dreams and everything that we had once planned for the day, is at a standstill, and we cannot help but feel overwhelmed.

During this unpredictable period, our home has been a source of constant calm during the storm. Comforting and protecting us as we face the uncertainty of the new day. But, after several months of the lockdown, and continuously staying at home, it has added to our dismay.

As the world now prepares to acquaint itself with the norms of a new world. We bring you tips about how to make a home feel cozy, to transform your space for your comfort, and to better deal with uncertainty.

A Touch of Hope with Lit Candles –

The dance of the flickering light of the candle is a lullaby to the stressed soul. This is one of the easiest ways to make your home cozy!

Place a variety of scented, aromatic & blissful candles across spaces in your apartment. They create a serene ambiance that lulls your soul and comforts you in times of need. Thoughtfully choose fragrances like lavender, sage, or rosemary, that elevate your mood, and coddle your senses.

Splash of Positivity with a Family Project-

Since going outside and socializing is a big no, form a tribe with the people you cherish the most, your family!
Take up a DIY project, plan a game, karaoke and movie nights, or just revamp your space with the tribe.
Cozy up the long extended days at home with a touch of laughter, cheer, and happiness at all times.

A Canvas Full of Possibilities, Experimenting with Hobbies

Indulge and invest your time doing, experimenting, and exploring things you’ve always liked.
Fill your wall, color your spaces with a touch of you, to add life to the walls, and uplift your mood.
Bring your home to life with a home-grown plant, invest in your happiness, and watch it grow with time.

Set a Warm Vibe with Lights

Use warm, dim, and soft lights to create the perfect cozy vibe at home.
Layer it carefully from room to room to capture the perfect hues and simply add a little warmth to every room.

Cozy Rugs to Comfort Your ‘Sole’

Add textures of warmth and colors of pop, with thoughtfully placed rugs, around your home. A vibrant and cozy rug can transform your room, elevate your mood, and be the added layer of comfort, you just might need.

Repurpose your Space to Suit your Mood!

Comfort is key when it comes to cozy living, so why keep things that add to the discomfort?
Declutter your space or just add in a thing or two.
Do what makes an apartment feel like a safe, cozy, and happy home for you.

Wherever you stay, in bungalows, row-houses or apartments in Kalyani Nagar, or any other premium locations.
These are some of the easiest ways to make your room cozy. The main trick? add a lot of you and kick-out the blues.
Now, how to deal with uncertainty from the warm embrace of your cozy apartment?
Live, for now, live for today, and turn your frown around by maximizing your day!