When it comes to your lifestyle, there shouldn’t be any compromises because every day and every moment is yours and no one understands it better than ABIL Group, Clover Builders, and Clover Realty. In the race of life, we should not forget that comfort and peace are necessary too. So, choose a home that offers not just a roof over your head but also an all-around comfort for your body and mind. Let’s have a look at all the amenities that ABIL Group, Clover Builders, and Clover Realty offer so that you can be certain that these amenities are not only luxurious but are also a necessity.

Swimming Pool

Luxury is incomplete without a swimming pool since swimming is not only necessary for entertainment but is also extremely important to keep your health regulated. Verde Residences Collection offers swimming pools for adults as well as kids so that the residents do not have to travel long distances that would only limit the accessibility. Swimming lets you keep your health in check hence choose an apartment that has a beautiful and clean pool for adults as well as kids.


The gymnasium has a become a great necessity since we can’t compromise with our health which many times stays ignored amidst the work pressure. Also, many of us find it extremely difficult to get up in the morning to hit the gym and end up ignoring our health. Verde Residences Collection offers a well-equipped gym with modern-day technology so that the residents do not have to give up on their morning sleep.

Spa Area

Many of us choose to relax at home over partying on the weekend. Hence, choose a home where you can let your body and mind rejuvenate. Verde Residences Collection has paid major attention to its residents’ comfort, and hence, has incorporated luxurious spa areas for men and women that comprise of steam and sauna facilities. After all, a home should be your peaceful refuge.

Games Room

Work and play go together. So, if you wish to have a balanced life where you give equal importance to both work and play, then choose a home that has a modern-day games room. One fine example is the Verde Residences Collection which consists of a beautifully designed games room with various board games, Fussball table, and a pool table.

Apart from these amenities, ensure that there is a sports court, kids’ play area, and a community room so that you stay nestled within convenience.