No matter the season, there is never a wrong time to take a plunge in upping the aesthetics of your home. And this can be very well learnt from the prestigious ABIL Group, Clover Realty and Clover Builders who are known for developing ultra-luxurious apartments. During summer, a garden feels like an elixir of life. You can bask in the sun and hum with the glorious music of nature while leaves rustle. But in monsoon, most of us just enjoy sitting in a cozy corner and feel the rains dripping slightly from the edges of leaves and drumming down on the open patio. So, we bring you some elegant patio door ideas to let you have a cozy time inside while you look out at a beautiful, overcast day.

French Doors

French doors are a timeless piece of décor and have been enticing since ages. They consist of two glazed doors held on hinges and meet in the middle in order to lock. These classic doors are extremely easy to install and can be opened fully to allow the maximum amount of air and light in the room, thus making the room look appealingly upbeat. French doors have been around since the Renaissance period and can be installed with wood, timber and aluminium frames. It is also highly recommended to paint them to match with the rest of the interiors since it would give the entire setup a lick of freshness and elegant uniformity.

Single-fold Doors

Single-fold Patio doors are most suited for small or elongated spaces. Their use can be mostly seen in offices that open to a garden or sometimes in the balcony apartments. To create an illusion of spacious interior, give your place a seemingly seamless integration by using the same flooring throughout. These doors are available in various styles including wood, fibreglass, aluminium, and UPVC. To make most of the view, use clear glass and add Georgian style panes to add a required amount of character.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are extremely convenient and contemporary in fashion. They slide sideways and are made of glazed panels. You can place the potted plants right outside the door and there is no fear of it hitting the plants. The sliding doors, when slid, stack behind each other at one end. They are highly used for spaces that enjoy the abundance of space. Thanks to their slim frames, they offer uninterrupted views of the garden for picture-perfect mornings. If you want an entirely open vista, you can get it fixed by luxury professional to make the door slide into an adjoining wall.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are extremely chic looking. The doors consist of three glazed panels, which fold and slide along a track. These doors open up to a large width – up to 90% of the area they use – and exude the sense of a lavish space and a garden that is an extension of the interior. The great thing is, they can open both inwards and outwards according to the convenience.  They look extremely elegant when used with wooden frames and white interiors.

The right door can make a great difference and completely transform the way a place looks. There are such amazing options to pick from. Tell us what your first choice would be and which one would accentuate the beauty of your interior as well as the beauty of your garden.