Deep, dark, light, faint, bright, vibrant, simple, or simply subtle. Colors are the shades that embody emotions, feelings, experience, & carry an identity of one’s persona. A piece of your mood always lies within the colors on the walls of your home. To pick a color palette that suits all this is one such important task while coloring a new home or redesigning a home by changing its color palette.

There are elements that need to be considered, like whether you are deciding to paint the interior or exterior of your house? The indoor house color schemes may differ from exterior wall paint color combination. Here’s providing you a little help in hand when it comes to choosing the colors & home wall color combination.

Light Color Combinations:
If you are tired of the traditional bright & shiny colors that have a notion of having a house look fresh, & wish to switch to a completely opposite side, light color combinations are just right for you. Here’s some mix & match that will not only look fresh for your house but also bring in more positivity, soft, & soothing vibes as well.

  • Lime Green & Yellow
  • Shades of Light Green
  • Purple & Grey
  • Lavender & White
  • Greens & Blues

Bright Color Combinations:
Likewise, if you are done with lighter colors & choose to experiment with new & bright colors, here’s something for you. A set of bright colors & combinations always invites fresh moods & happy vibes in the house.

  • Royal Red & White
  • Dark Blue & White
  • Acquarium Blue & White
  • Blue & Orange
  • Shades of Dark Green
  • Pinks & Reds

Pastel Colors:
A color palette that excludes bright colors & strong shades of colors. Pink, baby pink, mauve, light blue, lighter purple, or any color within the lighter accent of its shade can do well. The finishing touch & impression that pastel colors give away is absolutely calming. A home becomes an absolute candy house with pastel shades on the walls.

  • Purple & Grey
  • Baby Pink & Light Turquoise
  • Light Green & Baby Pink
  • Pale Blue- a lighter accent of sky blue
  • Baby Pink
  • Baby Pink & Pale Blue are the most famous in this category of pastel colors.

Color Pops:
The look of color pops always brings in an element of surprise. Just choose a monochromatic color for 3 walls & let the 4th wall take in your inhibitions with a contrasting bright color or an interesting strong tone or colorful textures or mixture of colors.

Bohemian color schemes are soaring as a new favorite when it comes to color combinations of house.

An All Time Relevant- Black & White:
This bold choice works as an absolute blend with your energy if you love the play of black & white colors & shades. This is highly a color theme based combination for your house. When you pick this combination, ensure well that all the other elements like furniture, bed sheets & covers, décor, curtains, & such will go with the black & white theme.

Such is the joy of coloring your home especially when you reside in luxury apartments. The luxury homes in Pune bring you such ecstatic possibilities of coloring your homes. Verde Residences is a property in Kalyani Nagar that brings you the opportunity of innovating your luxury apartment & spaces with bespoke colors & color combinations.