There is hardly a person who doesn’t admire a good splash of green. After all, nature and plants lend a sense of calm like nothing can. But, catching a serene moment amidst the work and responsibilities seems like a task that is impossible to achieve. We wait for weekends to breathe in some peace. There are many luxury residential projects in Pune that offer the lush landscapes to their residents. Some of the most renowned are ABIL Group, Clover Realty, Clover Builders and others. But wouldn’t it be breathtaking to have your personal mini garden that you can go to during breaks? The good news is that now you can have your own little garden without an expansive space because your balcony would just work fine. All you need is to go through these amazing ideas and create your own mini heaven.

Vertical Gardening

Turning your balcony into a garden can definitely be a tricky considering the lack of space because often, people end up filling their balconies with plants. The end result of that looks unworthy of the effort that has been put into it because what’s the point of having a garden you can sit in? So, if your problem is the dearth of space then opt for vertical gardening, and the result won’t disappoint you at all. To implement the same, build blocks on the wall and place your plant pots in those blocks. To enhance the utility, place succulents in these blocks since these plants would require less water, and this would avoid leakage issues.

Layered Planting

If the lack of space is a critical issue and yet you want to incorporate as many plants as possible in your balcony, then layered planting best suits your requirement. This kind of planting is a bit laborious but totally worth the effort. You can stack plant containers one over the other in a descending order of size. In addition to helping you save a great deal of space, layered planting accentuates the aesthetics of the balcony. You can either use the plain clay and wooden containers or can even colour those containers – it all depends upon the look you want that complements the furniture in your balcony.

Hanging Herbs and Shrubs

Space predicament? The best solution is to hang your plants. Hanging plants are easily available in the market. All you need to do is to fix some hooks on the ceiling. You can then hang your plant pots or even mason jars if you need. But since the hooks can’t handle a lot of weight, make sure you hang only light-weight plants such as Impatiens, petunia, and Supertunia. This would ensure an easy maintenance of the plants, and also, the outlook is simply worth admiring.

Climbing Trails

Imagine coming out in the balcony beautified with creepers and climbers. Isn’t the thought mesmerizing? While choosing climbers, space is never an issue since the plants will effortlessly wrap themselves around the railings of your balcony. Moreover, the sight of a balcony covered with greens is unimaginably beautiful. And if you have designer balconies and windowpanes with a classic touch, then the results would be just stunning. The view would be nothing less than that of a movie.

With all these amazing ideas, make your breakfasts more satisfying and evening coffees more refreshing. Try out your favourite one for your balcony to give it a refreshing stroke of green and let us know down below how happy the results made you. Enjoy!