Lighting Consultant

Architectural Lighting Designing


Under Unolai Design Group, Unolai Lighting Design is an international lighting company providing professional architectural lighting design with a focus on the Asian market. Established 2005, in New York, Unolai Lighting Design has subsidiaries in New York, Shanghai, Taipei, and Hong- Kong. Both Taipei and Shanghai branches have in-house professional lighting design teams, with projects in major cities across Asia including; Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin,Dalian,Taipei, Kuala Lumpur among others.

As the only professional lighting design company in China with a completed qualification from the international Association of Lighting, Unolai Lighting Design is committed to providing professional design and consulting services domestically independent to lamp fixtures, trade and engineering. Customers receive lighting consultancy services intended to improve the overall quality of their visual environment. It is our mission and philosophy to introduce international lighting design standards and concepts to China’s cities and integrate the country’s unique into our specific, pragmatic practices and projects.

In 2011, Unolai Lighting Design is awarded the “Outstanding Lighting Design” from Yangon media competition in the lighting industry; in the same year, “China Airlines headquarters Complex in Taoyuan, Taiwan” project won Award of Merit of 2011 IES (Illuminating Engineering Society of the United States).